Online gambling and online betting bonuses in October

The month of October 2018 is here, so let‘s have a look on some bonuses offered by online gambling an online betting operators to Ugandan players.


What to do with winnings from online gambling?

Winnings represent the best side of gambling in online casinos. However, players should also think about their next steps after they have won a larger...


Free online casinos in Uganda

Many players associate playing in online casinos only with gambling for real money. However, they tend to forget that online casinos offer also the chance...


Is it advisable to play simultaneously in various online casinos?

There are dozens of various online casinos to choose from. Many players have opened their accounts in several online casinos simultaneously in order to...


Simba games free spins and casino review

The Simba games casino has been gaining popularity among players in Uganda recently. Read our review.


Where can you find information about new casino bonuses?

Bonuses represent a significant part of the online gambling experience, because they help players to increase their available budget dedicated to playing....


Slot machines or video games – what offers more fun?

Online gambling is very popular and the same goes for video and computer games. Which gaming experience offers however more fun? Read more.


Age of Discovery online gambling slot review

If you are looking for an adventure on the high sea, then Age of discovery is the perfect slot for you. Read more in our review.



Bingo is a very entertaining game to play. Read about the rules of Bingo in our article.


Information on online gambling and online betting operators

Selecting an online gambling casino or an online betting operator requires usually a prior research. Read more about the sources of information regarding...


How to choose the best free online gambling casino?

Many people associate casinos with playing for money. However, playing free slot machine games online in casinos can be a great source of fun without the...



Jackpots are something special, because they offer you the chance to win big if you get lucky. Read more about the various types of jackpots and where to find them.


How to create a budget for online gambling

Playing in an online casino is great fun which offers also the chance to win some money. The fun must go however hand in hand with responsible gambling....


Online gambling regulations in Uganda

Online gambling is a serious business. It is therefore subject to various regulations. Read more about the regulations of Online gambling in Uganda.

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