Bingo: Where to Play in Uganda?

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If people figure out something, or if something works out for them perfectly, then they shout many times the word “BINGO”!  However, this term is actually related to a gambling game with the same name called Bingo. bingo.jpg Photo: Pixabay

History of Bingo

Bingo is a classic gambling game that can now also be played in online casinos. The history of Bingo dates back to the 16th century and it is therefore quite older than many people may think.

A game similar to Bingo appeared in Italy and it spread quickly to France, where it was played by the French aristocracy. In the 18th century, Bingo was played in Great Britain and in the rest of Europe. The modern version of Bingo started to appear in the 1920s.

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Rules of Bingo

Bingo has various variations, some of them are played in land-based casinos, some you can also find online. However, the basic game principles remain the same. First of all, you need to buy a Bingo ticket. The ticket consists of a grid of numbers which depends on the number of balls used in a Bingo game (there can be 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball Bingo games for instance).

For the sake of simplicity, let´s describe the rules of 75-ball Bingo game. A Bingo ticket will have in this case a 5x5 grid with numbers (the grid is different depending on the number of balls used).

The 5 columns on the ticket represent the 5 letters of the name Bingo. The first column includes the numbers from 1-15, the second from 16-30, the third from 31 to 45, the fourth from 46 to 60, the fifth from 61 to 75.

A caller starts drawing numbers (or a random number generator can be used instead of a caller) and players mark the corresponding numbers on their ticket if they are drawn. The first player, who completes a winning Bingo pattern, wins.

Bingo is therefore quite different from other casino games like online slots and can partially resemble a lottery style game.

Where can you play Bingo in Uganda?

Bingo is also very popular in Uganda. Players can enjoy a very interesting combination of Bingo and roulette at the Kampala Casino.

25+ Play responsibly. Gambling is addictive and can be psychologically harmful.


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