Free online casinos in Uganda

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Casinos are being logically associated with gambling, especially in case of land based casinos. However the possibility to play for free is an important factor that distinguishes internet casinos from land based casinos. Many online casinos give players the chance to play for free which is not possible in land based casinos.

Who can play in a free online casino?

Free online casinos are suitable for several player types. They allow players to try out online gambling slots before they start playing them for real money. Fee online casinos are also a great source of fun for players who prefer playing casual games. These players tend to forget about the fact that they can have a lot of free fun also in online casinos.

Online casinos games for free

Many players enjoy online casino games for free, but they prefer not to register in an online casino. They have of course plausible reasons to do so, for example they do not have the time to register an account or they do not want to get promotional e-mails. However, registering in an online casino pays off in the long term also for casual players who play slots or casino games for free.

  • You will not miss any information about bonuses or promotions if you register in an online casino.
  • A registration in an online casino makes you eligible for a deposit bonus or a welcome gift such as free spins.
  • Opening an account in an online casino is required by some casinos in order to be able to play for free.
  • If you play often, then you can save your favorite online gambling slots in your profile so you can access them immediately after you have logged in to your account. This is especially convenient if an online casino offers a lot of slot machines or casino games such as roulette or blackjack.

Great selection of free slot machines and casino games

The great selection of slot machines and casino games is a significant reason why to play in online casinos for free. Players do not have to download any software (apart from a casino app), the registration in an online casino is most of the time voluntary and the games or slots can be played instantly within just a few clicks.

Mobile Casino – fun everywhere

Various online casinos have also mobile casino versions of their sites, so you can play anytime and anywhere. Players can visit a mobile casino either via their browser or they can download a casino app. Players should however pay attention to the data volume, because especially 3D slots consume a lot of data, so mobile casinos should be enjoyed rather within a Wi-Fi network if you are concerned about any mobile internet data limits imposed by your mobile phone operator.

Free online casinos in Uganda

Many online casinos or online betting operators in Uganda offer the possibility to play slot machines for free.

Betin Uganda

Betin Uganda offers players the chance to play online gambling slots for free by clicking on the “demo“ button bellow a game. You can visit Betin Uganda by clicking here.

Betway Uganda

Betway Uganda has a very nice selection of online gambling slots that can be played for free. Simply click on the “free play“ button located on the icon of each game and start playing. You can visit Betway Uganda by clicking here.


Bungabet offers beautiful 3D slots that can be played for free by clicking on the “play for free“ button located on the icon of each slot machine.You can visit Bungabet by clicking here.

All in all, playing in free online gambling casinos is great fun. Players can choose from many different slot machines that can be played endlessly for free. Do you like playing for free in online casinos? Let us know in the comments!

25+ Play responsibly. Gambling can be addictive. Play accordingly to the applicable laws of your jurisdiction.