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Supa 3 Uganda lottery - win up to 10M every minute

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Like it

Helo happy new year u say lf u win 2 or3,numbers u receive the sms but I have not received any

I’m inquiring if the more entries help to increase the chances of winning?

You say if some one matches the three numbers he gets 200% of his odd.
But have not seen it.instead I so 2%,may u enliten me please .

today i have my numbers was exactly the same with the lucky numbers at 09:20 but you have gave me only 2000 when you have told me that am gonna win 200000. for sure a you trustworthy.??
0706471538 check my numbers for the draw of 09:20....

I matched all the 3 numbers but you I matched only 2 I wonder why? Please clarify coz I deserve my 200,000= according to the rules. Thank you

I matched 2 numbers but u only give me 2000

I want to wen

I want to wen supa 3 million

Iam also dreaming about money or allah

Iam also dreaming about money or allah

I matched all the numbers but you didn't pay me my 200,000/= .you just sent 2000/= only. But why? I thought you were not fake like others, please send me my money if you want me to trust you again (0701656215)

SUPA3 i have been a regular player and notice order of numbers doesn't matter. U have always doubled my money wen 2 numbers much.
Today at 5:00pm, I matched all the 3 but u only sent me 4000 instead of 400000
Drawn numbers where 892 mine was 982
please clarify


Iwant to play

You have cheated me all the time. I used to play less and you tell me play more, then when l play more you give to others.

I always play this game and I can't give up I know it will be one day and Ibecome amillionier.

How should I join the winners club in supa3 live on Tv ?

Have been playing this game since September and I matched my numbers twice. I only received 2000= each time I matched those numbers. And am force to ask u that r u pipo real or just Corning us.

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