Best online betting sites in Uganda


How to Bet on Sports?

Some people think they are able to truly enjoy sports only if they bet on it… well it’s actually not an untrue statement when you critically look at it.  But true fans of sports can also enjoy watching sports games without placing bets.

However, betting on sports makes it all the more fun and interesting to watch given. The fact that one can showcase his /her knowledge of the given sport by predicting the right outcome of a match, one gets to have your full dose of adrenaline due to anticipation ……and thirdly you get to make some good cash on the side.

Which takes us back to the question… how can you bet on sports? The very first principle is simple and known almost to everyone. You first choose a specific sport you are interested in betting on like football. Then you get to pick the most favorable betting company of your choice. After that you predict the win of a certain team or on draw of both teams in a match and various other additional betting possibilities offered by the betting company. While at that... You can increase your winning odds by combining various bets.

Don’t forget… the greater odds, the higher risk, but the bigger the rewards!

Betting odds

Betting odds determine how much of your stake will you get in return by predicting correctly a specific outcome of a match. Let’s say you will bet 1000ugx on Arsenal to win against Manchester United. The odds of winning for Arsenal are 2.10. So if Arsenal wins, then you get to take home 2100ugx ( 2.10* the original stake).

Betting odds are determined by the betting companies and their bookmakers. The lower the odds are, the more likely is the result to happen and you know vice-versa already.

Betting odds differ among online betting companies. Many bettors take their time to compare the odds between various betting companies.

Online betting offers

Each online betting company has got different offers. The first thing to look for of course is the welcome bonus offers then it’s wagering conditions (how many times you have to stake the bonus before you can withdraw it)….the take note of the minimum betting odds that must meet up to the terms and conditions of the wagering rate and the matches these odds and the bonuses apply to.

Another important thing is the regular promotions. Regular promotions can offer players specific deposit bonuses, better winning odds or cashbacks like Betway Uganda promotion of 50% cash back of your deposit.

It’s best to sign up for newsletters of your chosen online betting company to get news about the new promotions.

Bet prediction

Some betting companies have their own official ambassadors like famous players who provide their own insights on the possible outcome of a match. However many punters tend to follow their instincts while betting.

Betting predictions should consider the following factors: the current position of the team in the league, the history of the mutual matches between two teams, the physical/ mental condition of the players, the situation within a team, the home vs. away results.

Best betting sites in Uganda

Players in Uganda can choose from the following betting companies:

Betway Uganda

Betway Uganda offers a great selection of sports to bet on and it’s also got the one of the best promotions ever offered online! Betway is a must try for all new betters online in Uganda as it has very user friendly website and app too. With a chance to bet on live matches and many sports like football, basketball, golf and many others, you can't miss out Betway.

Just sign up here and get to win lots of cash and hit jackpots.

Betin Uganda

Betin Uganda offers a great filter of odds and also a live betting action too with a mobile friendly website which means you could just bet while on the go. Don’t miss out on this experience. Read about how to make a desktop and mobile registration with Betin.


Betpawa is suitable especially for bettors who prefer doing it on their mobile because of its Mobile App that is available on both Google Play store and iOS. Betpawa also offers many regular promotions and bonuses provided to new players.

Bunga Bet

Bunga Bet scores with its many promotions for new players and also it’s amazing cash out feature and a very good live betting coverage with nice graphics for football games.

Champion Bet

Champion Bet puts a lot of emphasis on football bets that means it give a lot of coverage for almost all international football leagues. The website of Champion Bet allows you to easy navigate while on the website. You could also benefit from the wide network of bet shops which makes it possible to bet both online and offline.

Online football betting and soccer bets

Bets on football matches are usually the preferred bets of choice in Uganda because of the wide popularity of football as a sport. You should consider the following factors when choosing a website for your bets:

  • The selection of countries
  • The coverage of leagues
  • The availability of Live Betting
  • Selection of bet types
  • The odds
  • Special bonuses and features

You may not always look for all these factors, but you can pick up ones that are more interesting for you.

Tennis betting

Tennis is not as popular as football but it’s still significant. Apart from predicting the result of a match, there are various kinds of bets that can be placed on tennis – however, these are recommended for the more advanced punters.

Golf betting

Golf is a very attractive sport to put bets on. However, not all online betting companies offer the bets on golf. Players can bet on golf for example at Bungabet or Betway.

Cricket betting

This sport is offered on most of the online betting companies in Uganda. They mostly cover Asian and Australian cricket leagues.

Online betting is a great fun. However, make sure to place your bets with the provider, who has a license issued by the National Gaming Board of Uganda according to the Ugandan gambling regulation.

25+ Play responsibly. Gambling can be addictive. Play accordingly to the applicable laws of your jurisdiction.