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Playing on jackpot slot machines in online casinos does not necessarily mean that you will become suddenly a millionaire, because the chance of hitting a jackpot requires also a significant portion of luck. However, playing on jackpot slots is nevertheless a great to use your chance to become a big winner with a relatively small budget.

Players in Uganda do not have to rely solely on slot machines to win a jackpot. Many bookmakers offer also jackpots on sports betting.

Basic Jackpot types

There are two basic kinds of jackpots. The first one is a progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpots grow continuously as indicated by their name. Every time somebody places a bet, a certain percentage of the stake is sent into the jackpot.

A non-progressive jackpot is static on the other hand. This means that no amount from the players´ stakes is contributed into the jackpot.

Online betting jackpots in Uganda

Many bookmakers offer online betting jackpots. All you have to do is to determine the correct outcome of several matches, for example 10 or more and the jackpot is yours!

Where can Ugandan players find jackpots online?

Jackpot slots and online betting jackpots are offered by several casinos and online betting operators.


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