How to select an online gambling slot?

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The tremendous success of online casinos has resulted also in a huge selection of online gambling slots. However, many casino players may struggle to find the right online gambling slot. Read more about it in our article.

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The online virtual slot revoluton

The success of online casinos has resulted in a huge selection of online gambling slots. Classic casino slots in real casinos have limited possibilities in terms of playability or available themes, so their potential for fun was viewed as limited by some player groups. However, the virtual counterparts of these slots brought about a revolution when it comes to design and gameplay possibilities.

Which criteria can be applied when choosing online gambling slots?

Online casino games can be differentiated according to various criteria. Their importance ranges individually from player to player. Therefore, a categorization of casino games available in online casinos is of general nature.

Classic vs. modern online gambling slots

There are of course online casino players who prefer classic online slots they know from real casinos. This type of casino games offers simple graphics and a limited number of features, but therein lies the magic for some players who love the classic atmosphere of these slots.

Classic casino games include for instance roulette or blackjack that can be played also in live casinos. Modern online gambling games are the opposite of classic slots and they are suitable especially for players who like a more complex gameplay and advanced graphics.

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Theme of a casino game

This is actually the biggest advantage of modern slots. There are literally thousands of available online games based on various themes. You can find casino games inspired by movies, fairy tales, music groups, artists and many other motives.

Casino game developers can literally live out their fantasies and craziest ideas so players are well advised to take their time a browse through the game selection of an online casino. Chances are high that they are going to play on a slot inspired by their preferred theme so their gaming experience will be simply fantastic.

Jackpot slots

Some online slots offer progressive jackpots, where a percentage of every bet is being transferred into a common pot from all online casinos that offer the same jackpot slot. In such cases, the jackpot may be extremely high – the current record is being held by the jackpot slot Mega Fortune, which reached an astonishing value of 17 million Euros. This jackpot made it also into the Guinness book of records.

Maximal possible win on an online slot

Each slot offers a different maximum win that depends on the chosen value of the coins, the number of paylines and other features of a casino game. The maximum possible win is indicated in the guide to a specific online slot. The maximum win of a jackpot slot is shown on the screen of the game.

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The number of reels

Online slots have usually 3 to 5 reels. There are of course rare cases of casino gambling slots that offer also 6 reels. Each reel has a specific number of rows where symbols are displayed. The usual number of rows on a single reel is three. However, there are also online games that do not offer reels and they display the random symbols differently, for example via falling blocks.

The number of paylines on an online slot

The number of paylines indicates how winning symbols are connected. The more paylines are activated, the higher are your chances to win. However, the more paylines you activate the higher are also your stakes per one spin.

Paylines are activated usually from the left to the right, but there are also slots which pay out on both sides, such as the game Starburst. There are also some casino games that do not have the same numbers of rows on the reels so they do not use paylines but winning combinations instead.

The value of the coins used in a casino game

The majority of casino slots uses coins with a various nominal value. The value of one coin ranges from a few cents up to several dollars. The selection of a coin value has a significant impact on the way how we play (especially if we consider the number of activated paylines).

You should select such a coin value that corresponds with your budget and the style you play. However, you cannot go wrong with a conservative approach.

Special features of a casino game

Online slots offer various special features in order to be unique. Casino games use for example Wild Symbols (substituting other symbols in order to get a winning combination) and Scatter Symbols (three or more Scatter Symbols activate for instance a bonus game), but they may offer also dozens of other features, such as Sticky Wilds, Re-spins and unique bonus games.

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Return rate of a casino game

The return rate is the decisive factor that must be carefully considered when choosing a casino game. The average return rate of online slots is 95%, which is much more competitive than in land based casinos.

The return rate is strictly controlled by authorities. Casino games are being offered by specific licensed game providers, they must therefore meet the strictest criteria regarding fairness. Similar criteria must be met also by online casinos with a license.

Providers of online casino slots

The final criterion focuses on the providers of online games. Each casino offers games from different providers and each of them has an own style related to graphics, game mechanics or themes. It is recommended to test casino games from various providers.

How to select an online gambling game?

As you can see, there are various criteria that can be used when selecting a casino game. The majority of online casinos offers the possibility to play casino slots for free. So, take your time and try out as many casino slots as possible before you start playing for real money.

25+ Play responsibly. Gambling is addictive and can be psychologically harmful.