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1xBet UG

1xBet is a fairly new bookmaker in Uganda that has its roots in Russia and was established in 2007. The bookmaker has registered great success worldwide and it is only logical that one trusts a company that has been there for years and whose reputation speaks for itself. Because of this history it is no wonder that many Ugandans have chosen to trust 1xBet.

With 1xBet, Ugandan players are assured of being able to play in the local currency (UGX), deposit money via local mobile platforms like Airtel and MTN and access to a website that is in a language that they can understand. And for the last but not least 1xBet offers the best welcome bonus on the market.

With this assurance, playing gets easier and the fact that 1xBet is also offering the own mobile app for Android and iOS is another bonus.

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1x Betting Tips

To be able to bet with the bookmaker, the first thing you will need to do is set up a betting account with 1xBet. Thank goodness the registration process is painless and flawless. Simply use your Facebook account or google login details and you are good to go. No need filling in registration forms of having to supply all forms of data. Though if you prefer to fil in the forms, that option is still open to you. Choose any of the four registration methods to get started.

If you need more information about how to create an account, read our detailed article about 1xBet registraion and login.

Once you have registered, you can deposit money on your account by using a mobile platform like Airtel of MTN and get started placing your bets. And its gets more interesting that there is a bonus for all deposits. So the more you deposit the more bonus you receive.

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1xBet Betting Tips

Like all other betting firms, to be able to win with 1xBet, you need to crack a few things or know exactly how it is that you win.

1. Win by simply depositing. This is the easiest and fastest way to win. Simply deposit funds onto your account and be rewarded with 200% for the first deposit made. Good thing there is no minimum amount for bonus so however little you can afford to deposit, you will still get a bonus on it. However, to withdraw your bonus, you need to have placed bets on it.

2. Register with your correct birthday date. Did you know that you get free bets on your birthday with 1xBet? Why not supply your birthday details upon registration and win free bets. Remember the more bets, the higher the odds of you actually winning some money.

3. Make use of the live streaming feature. With live streaming, you never miss put on any games and get to get into the action before it is too late.

1xBet Live Football

With 1xBet you get to watch football live as it happens. This is to ensure that you do not miss out on your favourite games. So even if you have no intention of betting on that particular game, you can still watch it via live streaming on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. With 1xBet, all gaming possibilities are made possible.

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