Betway Cash Out – How Does it Work

Term "Cash out" is relatively new in betting. It allows you get money back on your bets before the event you are betting on is over.

Betway Cash Out Picture: Betway Uganda

Cash Out Meaning in Betting

Cash out is a term that is commonly used in betting to refer to the act of cashing out or withdrawing betting proceeds. More often than not cash out allows you to withdraw your money before the end of the event you are betting on and the amount is usually determined by the time of cashing out and the likelihood of winning your current bet.

Different online bookmakers have different rules for cashing out so each site might be a bit different and it’s usually advisable to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the bookmaker’s cash out option before you proceed to place your bets.

Cash Out in Betway

Betway has done it yet again by giving its customers the best cash out options. No more do you need to wait for the final whistle or for the game to end to get your winnings out.

You are in total and complete control of your winnings and have a chance to claim them early in the game. If you find that things are not going your way, there is no reason why you should wait till the end of the game and lose all your money yet you could get some of it back early on. However, to be able to cash out in Betway, you need to understand the rules so that you are not caught off guard. I guess we should look at some of these rule then.

Betway Cash Out Rules

Good thing all rules Betway are pretty simple and straight forward. Below are some of the key rules that you need to know when it comes to cashing out at Betway. No matter if you make a cash out from the website or if you use Betway App, the cash out process is still same.

To cash out from Betway, simply go to menu, click on my bets, select open bets and then click on cash out and confirm your selection. Note that the amount of cash out will depend on the odds of you winning at the time you choose to cash out. Also notable is that once you decide to cash out, your bet will be considered as settled. Betway cash out gives you the option to;

  • Get a portion of your winnings before it is time to settle your bet
  • Collect some winnings and reduce the risk of you losing everything in the event that things are not going like you would want them to
  • Cancel your bet all together and get a portion of your bet back

In my opinion, all three options are designed to ensure that you walk away from the table with something which goes to show the great character with which Betway was built. Even when you are losing, you still get to walk away with some money.

Have a look at the nice Betway video about cash out:

Best Cash Out Betting Sites

Besides Betway, there is a number of sites in Uganda that also offer great cash out options including 1xBet, Betpawa, SBA Uganda and Betin among others. Take control of your bets by cashing out at the most appropriate time. Cut your losses or protect your winnings by using the cash out option from your favorite betting site. Remember to read the T&Cs before you proceed.

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