How to choose an online casino password?

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Online casinos give you the chance to win big. However, you must also protect your funds and winnings that are available on your online casino account. Thus, the selection of the right password becomes a necessity.

How to choose the right online casino password?

Many people consider the selection of a password to be an easy task. This is however not as simple as it may look like, due to two antagonistic factors:

  • Your online casino password must be easy to remember
  • Your online casino password must be totally random and long

People tend to deal with this problem in a different way; however, they often underestimate the basic safety rules. Some tend to choose a password that is easy to remember. They think that they are anonymous and nobody will care about their account. Little do they realize that someone may compromise for example their online casino account easily just by entering common words. Other people prefer a more serious approach and they choose a difficult password. However, they write it somewhere down, so if somebody finds it, whether on a piece of paper or within a computer file, the security of such an account holder is compromised.

Another important issue regarding the selection of a suitable password is the fact that you should never use the same password for your e-mail, online banking and online casino account. Once your password has been compromised, all of your accounts may be in danger, because they require the same password.

Avoid using any of the following passwords or their variations: “password”, “qwerty”, “123456”. Furthermore, never use your username, your first and last name or other easily identifiable information such as your birthday. The same goes for using information related to your family members and friends.

What is the ideal online casino password?

The best password for your online casino account should be as random and as long as possible. It would be for example like this: COIDjkklwv7855?wdDwl!

It would be very difficult for anyone to guess this password. However, it is understandable that it is quite challenging to remember such a password. Writing it down may be dangerous so try to create a random combination that would make sense to you (but only to you) by using mnemotechnics (a system of rules to help you remember your password). For instance, every character of the password can be the first letter of a sentence you know by heart.

How do online casinos protect your passwords?

Licensed Online casinos undertake numerous efforts to protect your passwords. They use for instance the “hash function“ that encrypts your password by a one-way function - it is very easy to encrypt, but almost impossible to decrypt.

Online casinos store only the hash of your password and not your original password. When you log in to your online casino account, your password is encrypted by a hash function and it is compared to the hash in the database.

This explains also why online casinos never ask you for your password. If you receive an e-mail asking for your password, ignore it and put it immediately into your spam filter.

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