Responsible Online Gambling and Online Betting

Playing in on ground or online casinos, as well as online betting is leisure to most Ugandan players. However, if not controlled, gambling can sometimes get out of hand, which encourages you to pay close attention to how you play.

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What is Gambling Addiction?

There are various definitions of problem gambling. The basic symptoms of gambling addiction involve the need to play despite the awareness of the negative effects of gambling or the wish to stop.

The risk of being addicted cannot be brought upfront in advance. However, it might just increase if you have problems with alcohol, drugs or even video games (video game addiction is classified as a disorder by World Health Organization).

Some online casinos offer a test to determine your tendency to gambling addiction. Another way of spotting any more signs of gambling addiction is by playing slots for free. This outlines your behavior towards gambling but also take note that many people’s behavior towards gambling is different when it comes to playing slots for real money.

How to Fight a Gambling Addiction?

Usually the easiest way to fight Gambling addiction is to prevent it, but just in case you are in the bad habit already, you could take up a few of these steps to fight it.

  • Monitor your behavior. This is quite difficult because it requires a lot of self-discipline. But hey... You must try, it’s definitely a good one! All you have to do is set your specific time period and budget for gambling and make sure you follow your own rules and limits.
  • Create a budget for gambling. Play strictly according to your budget. This is quite personal because it involves your income and we all know that not everyone earns the same income. So don’t be too influenced by someone else’s betting cash.
  • Never borrow money for gambling. This is the worst case scenario you could possibly get in. Never borrow money for gambling because this might make you crazy and possibly cause serious health issues like pressure and hypertension. Never gamble if you have no money.
  • Do not rely on your luck. You don’t have to rely on your good luck as you are playing. Remember the payout percentage is always below 100%. Someone may hit the jackpots from time to time but that doesn’t mean you should invest a lot of money to win even more money. This really doesn't happen too often.
  • Forget the idea of being a professional gambler. Please, we have all been there... Where we think we have every thing under control. But when it comes to gambling you should never consider yourself as a super man. It’s a game of chance unlike poker that is a game of skill. Forget about solving your financial issues with gambling instead enjoy it as a leisure activity.
  • Close your player's account. Licensed online betting companies offer players the possibility to close the account temporarily or permanently. If the worst comes to the worst and you just can’t control your gambling problem then you should definitely consider this solution. With this option you are even able to set up a timer of how long you want to keep your account closed. Which makes it impossible for you to open your account before due date!
  • Seek professional help ASAP. It doesn't mean you are sick or weak in case you decide to seek professional help. Instead it’s a sign of inner strength of wanting to tackle down your problem.

Play responsibly

Playing in online casinos should mostly be about fun. Money should just be a reward to your good luck. Play responsibly because a healthy approach to gambling is the best way to enjoy a good time in online casinos.

25+ Play responsibly. Gambling is addictive and can be psychologically harmful.