Slot machines or video games – what offers more fun?

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Many online casino players play video games and many gamers play also in online casinos. Some consider such a comparison to be a clash between two significantly different gaming worlds and others may view slots and video games as a complementary gaming experience. The distinctness is therefore subject to individual preferences of a player. However, what are the main differences between slots and video games?

Slot machines can be played on mobile phones or computers almost instantly

Video games need a console with a TV and computer games require a PC or a laptop. Slot machines and casino games can be played on a PC, but you can play them also on your smartphone. This means that you can enjoy slots and casino games without a higher initial investments into hardware, because you do not need to buy a console/TV or a PC/laptop - all you need is a smartphone and you can play in a mobile casino.

Slot machines and casino games can be played for free

Videogames and computer games have to be usually bought and top games for game consoles cost often more than 50 Euros. Slot machines can be played on the other hand for free and often without the requirement to register. The content of video games cannot be of course directly compared to the content of complex video games. However, casual gamers who prefer very simple games may find slots also appealing. Slot machines are in this regards more a competitor to casual games on mobile phones.

Slot machines and casino games can be played instantly

Video games and computer games need to be installed before they can be played. You can download and install also slots, but most online casinos give you the chance to play instantly without any downloads or registrations. You can download however a casino app that gives you access to hundreds of slots and casino games which can be immediately played. You do not need to download a separate app for each game.

Gameplay on slot machines compared to video games

Online gambling slots and video games offer a lot of fun but a fundamentally different gaming experience. Video games have often an intriguing story, breathtaking graphics and nonlinear gameplay. Slots offer in comparison to video games a more limited gaming experience, even though they can be played for free in online casinos. Modern slots offer decent graphics and even some story elements, but they are no match for video games. However, slots do not want to compete directly against video games. Slots want to offer a lot of excitement in conjunction to simple game mechanics.

Winning on slot machines in comparison to video games

Winnings represent the main difference between slots and video/computer games. Slots offer you the chance to win real money. You can win even a huge amount of money if you are lucky and hit the jackpot. Video or computer games reward you with a (hopefully) satisfying game experience, but they offer no other tangible winnings or rewards. However, the perception of a rewarding gaming experience is again individual, because every player is unique thanks to his/her preferences.

All in all, slots and video games are complementary to each other. Both offer various advantages and disadvantages, so players choose in the end the gaming experience that suits them most. What do you prefer more – online gambling or video games? Let us know in the comments section!

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