Are casino slots rigged or fixed?

Ugandans tend to have doubts about gambling games and ask questions about how honest the games are. Well, slots are designed in a way that is honest and players can be able to win fair square!

Spinning reels of an online slot Photo: Shutterstock

Are Casino Slots Really Random?

With gambling, there is always an issue of honesty when it comes to generating the winning results. But just to make it, clear casino slots are honest because the outcome of a slot spin is not influenced by the outcome of the previous spin.

Most of the casino slots have three or five reels. With an example of three-reel slot, the probability for you to get a winning combination is 1/9, with each reel stopping at the same symbol as the rest of the reels. Unfortunately, slot machines tend to work in favor of the casinos in the long term because that’s when they actually make a profit out of it.

You as a player should take advantage of the short term period to make profits and move on to another slot as quickly as possible if you see you are losing more times than you are winning.

Are Casino Slots Rigged or Fixed?

With the fast growth of slot machines in Uganda either online or on ground, most of you are pursued into playing slots, but are holding back due to stories you might have heard about slots, which mostly are negative ones.

You however do not have to be doubtful about slots anymore, because it isn’t set up to cheat you. Slots are random and use a random number generator (RNG) that keeps on running the slots even if you are not playing.

Once you press spin, the RNG already has a predetermined result that will show up. The same principle also applies when using the autospin feature. So I guess it’s just up to good or bad luck... after all, it’s gambling!

Are Casino Slots Machines Programmed?

As you already know about the RNG, it’s put into the machine by the casino slot designer. The RNG’s settings are only known to the designer and the casino slot manager to minimize any risk of manipulation of results by any one that can get access to it. The slots already have predetermined results immediately after the spin button is pressed.

The RNG runs over a billion times in a minute. Even when no one is playing on the slots, it just keeps on running! Isn’t that good enough evidence for you to believe that slots are not controlled? So just incase you decide to play on two slot machines with the same pay out percentage, still your results will be different from other.

What Are Casino Slot Machines odds?

Most of the casino slots come when they are designed with its predetermined payout percentage during it’s life time which means it has odds that are already fixed.

For example a slot machine has a payout percentage of 95% of the bet. This means 5% is for the casino to take! The payout percentage is not influenced by the number of times you play on one slot machine but on the casino slot designers and the casino managers.

Can casinos control or manipulate slot machines?

Land based casinos do not manipulate slot machines. Instead they use the RNG to produce outcomes.

However, some casinos do manipulate customers or potential customers into playing slots machines by strategically placing loose slot machines at the entrance where you are able to catch a glimpse of big wins. Loose machines are those that are termed as “generous”, though they do have less payout percentages.

So to be a good player, you should definitely play at slot machine with a high payout percentage. And learn not to spend a lot of time on one slot machine. Take your chances to a slot machine and have some fun!

25+ Play responsibly. Gambling is addictive and can be psychologically harmful.