The Effect of the Personality in Online Gambling: Part 1

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25+ Play responsibly. Gambling is addictive and can be psychologically harmful.

How does the personality of players affect the way they play in casinos? Read more about it in our article. personality-in-online-casinos.jpg Photo: Stocklib

Our personality determines our uniqueness. It reflects the way how we react to various impulses and situations, how we feel and more importantly how we interact with our environment. Our personality has therefore an impact on the vast majority of our areas of life, including the way how we play in online casinos.

Does our personality influence the way we play in a casino?

Psychology is a decisive factor in the world of online gambling. It does not matter whether we play casino games such as roulette and blackjack, online gambling slots, place bets on sports, play poker or if we try our luck with lottery.

However, each kind of gambling highlights specific psychological characteristics. It must be furthermore said that it does not matter what kind of gambling you prefer or what type of personality you are, the most important personal attribute is the ability to have full control over your gambling and to know when to stop in accordance to the recommendations for responsible gambling.

Players in online casinos vs players in land based casinos

The differences in the gambling behavior of casino players cannot be classified into concrete categories. However, some player groups display certain similarities. Let's have a look on casino players for example. Some of them prefer playing in land based casinos and they would never play online and vice versa goes for the other group, but there are of course players who prefer both.

Players, who prefer playing in real casinos, seek simply the unique atmosphere that can be experienced only in a real casino: the many lights, the professionality of the croupiers or maybe the sound of the roulette wheel. This type of casino player seeks a tangible gaming experience as well as the contact with other people.

Such people should be however careful when placing their bets, because the surroundings and other people around them may influence their decisions and they may play more aggressively. They are also well-advised to limit their alcohol consumption in order to keep a cool head and focus on playing.

Players, who prefer playing in online casinos, are quite the opposite. They do not seek nor require the contact with other people in order to enjoy their gaming experience. If they wish to experience contact with other people while playing, then they simply visit the live games section in their online casino. People within this player group usually do not want to leave the comfort of their home or any other place where they are currently located in.

Online Casino players seek variety in comparison to players who prefer playing in real casinos. This is the result of the fact, that online casinos offer a huge variety of online slots, whereas real casinos offer just table games such as well as standard slots which are no match to their virtual counterparts in terms of some gameplay features. Another trait of online casino players is the fact that they prefer anonymity.

The ability to take risks while playing in an online casino

Casino psychology deals also with the ability of the players to take risks, but a categorization of players is here also not possible, so we may rather talk about two extremes. It must be however said that if somebody is by nature strictly unwilling to take a risk, he or she will never even try out any gambling.

The first type of players is represented by those, who clearly embrace risks. These people are ready to pull all eggs into one basket and either win or lose big. This player group is probably more prone to gambling addiction, due to the kicks they get out from risking.

The best thing what these players can actually do, is to start taking control over themselves, but they must admit at first that they have a gambling problem. They can either seek out help or implement deposit restrictions, if they are not able to stop playing. If the situation is serious, then they should definitely close their player's account in an online casino for good.

The other type of players is quite the opposite of the group above. These are cautious people who play for instance for the first time or out of sheer curiosity and their common traits are the facts that they do not trust casinos or gambling at all and that they do not seek risks.

There are two scenarios for these players. These people play just for fun with extremely low stakes and they stop playing at all, because they do not see any results and they do not want to lose money.

The second scenario is represented by the unwritten law of beginner's luck. New players start winning big and they may turn even into regular players, so they lower their guards and they may actually start losing their money which is the very thing why they were so cautious about in the first place.

There is a third type of players, which is placed between these two extremes. These are the people who are able to apply discipline and a system into the way they play. They follow usually a specific system in order to increase their chances to win.

These are very often professional gamblers who know exactly how to set a budget limit for gambling and when they should rather not push their luck. Read the second part of our article here.

25+ Play responsibly. Gambling is addictive and can be psychologically harmful.